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Blichmann Engineering Introduces the WineEasy

Blichmann Engineering, the makers of some of our favorite high-end brewing equipment has got us all hot and bothered with the introduction of their WineEasy system for wine making.  We’ve contact them about getting a system in to test and publish a review of and are awaiting a response.  Leave it to Blichmann Engineering to come up with something so revolutionary, beautiful and what appears to be quite simple to use!

From Blichmann Engineering’s website:

Using the WineEasy™ combined fermentor and press is admittedly different than anything on the market, but is incredibly easy to use and provides results and ease of use that traditional fermenting and pressing techniques simply can’t offer.

At the heart of the system is a high quality stainless primary fermentor (20, 30 and 55 gal sizes). A uniquely designed false bottom located at the bottom of the fermentor allows the pomace to be separated from the wine while draining the unit. The tines on the pressure plate support the bottom of the fermentor and perforated false bottom and keep it from collapsing from the pressure imparted by the vacuum pump.

After alcoholic fermentation, the free run is drained or pumped out of the fermentor. The sliding piston assembly is then installed. The vacuum pump evacuates the carboy (or other vacuum capable vessel) and applies a vacuum under the false bottom of the WineEasy fermentor. This causes atmospheric pressure to push down on the sliding piston pressing the pomace to the ideal maximum pressure of 14 PSI to avoid hard press conditions.

Since this is all done without transferring the pomace to a press, and is done so in a completely closed and air tight system, oxidation and contamination are virtually eliminated.

Cleanup is as easy as scooping out the dry pomace into a container and washing out the high polish stainless steel fermentor.

Below are some videos about the WineEasy:




3 Responses to “Blichmann Engineering Introduces the WineEasy”

  1. Maggie says:

    Carl this is awesome! Thx! Do u know where the info is on how to order it? I looked all over the page and it doesn’t say.. :)

  2. Carl H. Martens says:


    Here’s a list of where to purchase Blichmann Engineering products. I’d suggest calling ahead to be sure the shop has it in stock.



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