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EZ-Cap Bottles in for Review

EZ-Cap Bottles in for Review

EZ-Cap bottles are perfect for bottling beer, wine, sauces, etc. because they feature a resealable cap mechanism.  The bottles have a retro style look and feature a flip top which eliminates the need for capping.  They are available in two sizes; 16 oz (500 ml) or 32 oz (1 Liter).

16 oz (500ml)

  • Thicker and stronger than regular bottles
  • Reusable with sturdy flip top caps
  • Environmentally friendly molded caps and seals
  • Traditionally styled bottles call attention to the craftsmanship put into the contents
  • Perfect for showcasing your special beers!

32 oz (1 Liter)

  • Specially designed for the micro brewer and the brew pubs for the carry out packaging of their products, these bottles are re-sealable, reusable, recyclable and have the same filler height as the common 22 ouncers
  • Smooth sides for custom silk screening or adhesive labeling

Because EZ-Cap is a manufacturer, bottles can not be purchased direct, however they are available for purchase through distributors and can be found at most local homebrew supply shops.

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