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Portable Homebrew Dispensing Kit by KegWorks

Portable Homebrew Dispensing Kit by KegWorks

Today I stumbled upon something uber cool!  Let me introduce you to the Portable Homebrew Dispensing Kit by KegWorks.  The kit allows you to instantly serve beer from your Cornelius keg tank, anywhere!  The compact kit includes all the necessary homebrew supplies that one would need to make your 5-gallon homebrew tank portable and serve your finished, carbonated beer straight from the tank.

The kit includes the following:

  • Cornelius keg CO2 charger
  • Faucet to quick disconnect adapter
  • Keg charger CO2 refill cartridges – box of 2
  • Ball style quick disconnect – liquid
  • Ball style quick disconnect – gas
  • Chrome faucet head – brass lever
  • Beer tap faucet handle black knob
  • Spanner wrench

* PLEASE NOTE – Cornelius keg/tank is not included.  Kit cannot be used to force carbonate beer *

Retail is approximately $60.00 USD.

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