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True Brew Ingredient Kits in for Review from Crosby & Baker, LTD

True Brew Ingredient Kits in for Review from Crosby & Baker, LTD

What can Brown do for you?  Well…today they dropped of a hefty little package which contained two True Brew ingredient kits inside.  Crosby & Baker, LTD being generous provided us with their Double IPA and Belgian Ale kits for review purposes.

As a homebrewer you’re probably well aware of True Brew kits, but Crosby & Baker…possibly not.  Founded in 1968, Crosby and Baker is a full-service, multi-warehouse wholesale distributor of quality ingredients and supplies to the home wine and beer making trade.  They are the largest remaining independently owned and operated brewery distribution business in the US providing coverage via warehouses in Westport (Massachusetts), Atlanta, and Salt Lake City and by use of commercial warehousing in Baltimore and Los Angeles. They operate on a strictly wholesale basis, so the general public must purchase through the retailer of their choice.

True Brew beer ingredient kits provide all the ingredients necessary for the in-home production of a 5-gallon batch of beer.  The kits feature Muntons Malt Extract a favorite of homebrewers.  Instruction booklets inside the kits provide details of packaged ingredients, equipment needed, as well as simple easy to follow directions for brewing, fermentation and bottling.

True Brew offers the following styles of beer for brewing:

Amber California Common Nut Brown Ale
American Wheat Canadian Ale Oaked Imperial Stout
Bavarian Hefeweizen Double IPA Oktoberfest
Belgian Ale German Style Dark Pale Ale
Black Lager German Style Light Pilsner
Bock India Pale Ale Porter
Brown Ale Irish Stout Red Ale

Visit our site often for upcoming reviews of each of the True Brew Ingedient Kits.

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  2. when do you use for wine frist star or at the end of making the wine this super/kleer kc tm

  3. Smokey Mountain Tobacco Plus LLC says:


    We are a retail tobacco store and want to expand into beer kits. We have been unable to locate a wholesale vendor and are very excited to find you. What is the process to become a customer? Thank you, Sincerely,

    Brian and Monica Almynn1

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